The Eagle has left the nest


I just sent the manuscript for my third thriller, "The Eagle," to my editor at Otava. We're still refining the text, but the bulk of the writing is done. I'm super happy with the way it turned out. Even in the final stages of the process, many pieces fell perfectly into place. I believe this might be my best book yet.

This time, the story is set in the United States, where Leo Koski continues his lavish yet challenging life.

A key inspiration for "Kotka" has been the tumultuous political climate in the United States. I've been contemplating the potential developments that could arise from a second term for Donald Trump. In "Kotka," the president is Leo Koski's basketball buddy Chester Tyler, who, like Trump, is populist and unscrupulous.

Another driving force in the story is Leo Koski's personal life. Now a father, he feels an even stronger desire to steer clear of the cutthroat world of politics, though he inevitably fails to do so.

A new element in this book is a murder mystery woven into the thriller plot. It's always been important to me that my books offer mysteries that lead to surprising yet logical conclusions. This time, I drew inspiration from Agatha Christie and other classic detective stories, where the culprit must be found from a limited pool of suspects.

Looking forward to spring and the release date,