I am a writer and journalist whose passions include thrilling stories and frightening scenarios about the threats our world faces. My books are published in Finland under the name Tuomas Niskakangas and abroad under the name Tuomas Oskari.

Born in Helsinki in 1980, I was hooked on stories from the age of six, thanks to "The Brothers Lionheart" by Astrid Lindgren. I read it over and over again. 

Tennis and studies at the Helsinki School of Economics filled my younger days, but it was Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" that sparked a deeper interest in storytelling. I knew that one day I wanted to write a story rooted in the intriguing facts and theories of real life.

Journalism was my first career path. I spent four impactful years as a correspondent for Helsingin Sanomat in Washington D.C., getting up close with the world's economic and political dramas.

Back in Finland, I felt a shift. It was time for something new. Thrillers became my canvas, offering a perfect blend of fun and challenge. My stories aim to thrill, entertain, and even scare a bit, drawing from real-world insights gained during my journalism days.

I strive to take readers on unique journeys, and take them to places where regular people don't often have access to. I want to ground my tales in reality while spinning them into exciting adventures. 

In essence, I write to captivate. My books are designed to be gripping, the kind you'd reluctantly put down or wish lasted just a bit longer.