The Leo Koski series will become a trilogy in spring 2024 with the release of "Kotka" / "The Eagle." The earlier parts of the series were released in Finland in 2021 and 2022.


A desperate father, an unhinged president and a conspiracy to change the world.

 Former prime minister of Finland Leo Koski is a 39-year-old single dad, done with politics and traumatized by the murder of his true love. As the populist US president Chester Tyler is withdrawing United States from NATO, Koski is forced to return to the White House for one more meeting.

Things unravel when the president is poisoned. Koski is faced with a horrible choice between his daughter's life and security of Europe. With the New York Times reporter Ashley Pegula by his side, Koski has only a few hours to find out who poisoned the president. And why?

Perfect for anyone looking for a smart and fast-paced thriller, THE EAGLE is the third, fully independent book in Leo Koski -series.  


Dark forces return to Europe.

In the aftermath of an economic collapse, a refugee crisis pushes European tensions to their limit. The situation explodes when the Prime Minister of Italy's visit to Helsinki ends with an assassin's bullet, igniting a powder keg.

At 36, Finland's former Prime Minister Leo Koski sees himself as an inconsequential retiree. However, a summons to Helsinki thrusts him into the heart of the crisis. There, he meets Sara, a young historian who believes she knows the roots of the rapidly unfolding events.

Who is Heimdall, whose plans threaten the lives of both the powerful and desperate refugees?


"Miekka" / "Act of Gladius" was released in Germany in 2023 under the title "Im Sturm der Macht."


A girl on fire. A nation on the brink of disaster.

A severe economic crisis is tearing the Finnish nation apart. On the eve of a major protest, a young woman sets herself on fire, leaving behind a secret that could topple the government.

Young Prime Minister Leo Koski wakes up to a real-life nightmare. He's caught in a power struggle where the stakes are much higher than his own life. Koski has just 24 hours to unravel a conspiracy that threatens the lives of thousands and the future of Finland itself.

The masterfully woven plot of this world-class thriller surprises readers time and again.


"Roihu" won Bookbeat's "Newcomer of the Year" award, given to a book that achieves high readership numbers, excellent star ratings, and is listened to by users through to the end at a high percentage.

"Roihu" / "Their Turn To Burn" was released in Germany in 2022 under the title "Tage voller Zorn."